EASIYO Yogurts are all-natural products made to strict specifications from the highest quality NEW ZEALAND milk powder and LIVE lactic cultures,?to ensure PERFECT YOGURT EVERY TIME!

However, the benefits of yogurt cultures depends on them being LIVE. As they have a limited lifetime, freshly made yogurt is BEST!

EASIYO is a new generation of BIO-YOGURTS that are very different from traditional yogurts in that they contain PROBIOTIC cultures in abundance, to give the full benefits for your health. Probiotic lactic cultures (probio = beneficial to life)?such as l.acidophilus, b.bifidum and l.casei are natural inhabitants of the human intestine, where they perform numerous nutritional, prophylactic and therapeutic functions. All EASIYO Yogurts contain at least one of these probiotic cultures in abundance. EASIYO BIOLIFE RANGE of yogurts, contain all three.

The food we eat, the life we lead and the ageing process all disrupt the balance of our stomach's good bacteria. Eating fresh-made EASIYO, daily, can really help to replenish and maintain a proper healthy internal environment for the essential good bio-cultures to thrive, and so reduce bad bacterial microbes within the intestinal tract FOR OUR INTESTINAL AND IMMUNE FUNCTION WELLBEING.